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Sam Loyd’s puzzles are ideal as teaching aids for home or the classroom.

Everyday The Sam Loyd Company receives mail from educators all over the world who have now started to include Sam Loyd’s puzzles into their everyday teaching activities. One teacher from France has said that students prefer to have objects in their hands they can play with and try and solve instead of sitting in front of a computer, they tend to get bored very easily and lose concentration fast. That is why Sam Loyd’s puzzles are ideal as teaching aids.

One school in Old Town Maine USA has started using Sam Loyd’s puzzles in there maths class not only to make maths fun but to prepare their students for the future.

They have also created an innovative way of sharing their puzzles with the whole school.

“Today’s employers want young people who can solve problems and work both independently or as part of a group. This requires the ability to think about problems in creative and innovative ways. Being a math teacher, I use puzzles as a way to teach deductive thinking and abstract reasoning to my students on almost a daily basis.

I have discovered that Sam Loyd’s puzzles fit nicely with my middle school curriculum as they are visually interesting and seem simple enough to teach essential problem solving skills to all of my students, regardless of their abilities. I use them as free time activities and Friday challenges as a way to engage my students in real-life problem solving activities that they can do individually or in small groups. The graphics are amazing and the quality of the product means that I will be able to use them for years to come. Both of those qualities are really important to me as a math teacher.

In fact, my students liked doing the puzzles so much that they suggested doing a school bulletin board so that other students could try them! I would highly recommend to other teachers to use Sam Loyd’s puzzles in their classrooms and schools.”

Christie Jernigan
Old Town, Maine USA

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