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Sam Loyd in Italy

Mathématiques sans frontières (MSF) is an international competition founded in 1989 by Irem and Inspection Pédagogiques Régionales sous la Haute Autorité du Recteur de l’Académie de Strasbourg. Italy joined in 1991 and has been participating since then. Every year MSF organizes math competitions, involving teachers and students of various degrees and curricula (fifth year of the primary school, first and third year of the secondary school, second and third year of the high school) in several European and overseas countries.

The main goal of the competition is to involve the whole class and not just the single student.

Main objectives of MSF are:

to highlight the opportunity of learning while having fun
to enable a positive approach to Math in order to trigger curiosity and develop intuition skills
to encourage the class to devise an internal organization in a collaborative fashion so as to be able to jointly tackle every proposed exercise
to reward students being enterprising to achieve a shared goal
to promote the integration between Math and foreign languages through the requirement that the first exercise is to be answered in a foreign language.

Math uses a universal language, which has incorporated contributions from ancient as well as modern cultures, strengthening the joint path towards universal knowledge. Maintaining a shared interest in this language and knowledge, as MSF aims to, means contributing to remove many “borders”:

between individualism and group collaboration
between schools, enterprises, towns, countries, and continents
between Math and foreign languages
between every kind of “difference”.

Students enjoyed this puzzle so much that all classes solved it and achieved the highest score.

Students could further enjoy themselves with the additional puzzles that we received as a gift.

This is shown in the little yet indicative photo album available below:

……at Monza racetrack

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