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Sam Loyd is well known to the puzzle community but has drifted into the background while hundreds of new puzzles have appeared. But when you look through his work again you always find something new. This site not only makes you aware of this but is both attractive and enticing, and brings the puzzles to life better than Sam Loyd himself did.”

I’ve been a fan of the Get Off The Earth Puzzle since my early childhood. I’m now 53 and still a big fan. It is great to see this puzzle available again, produced with such high quality! I’m sure Sam Loyd is proud! I look forward to getting more Loyd puzzles from the Sam Loyd Company. Their service is great and prices are more than reasonable!

“A great use of the internet – bringing alive the mood and feel of Sam Loyd’s era as well as remembering his wonderful puzzles.”

This is a brilliantly designed website which wonderfully recaptures the magic of Sam Loyd.

60 years ago my dad brought home from a small grocery store just a block from my home one of the mini donkey puzzles intact and gave it to me. It was an advertisement for Seven-Up. Lots of green ink on the back side. I cut it apart and within a few days I had it solved, but I solved it by accident… I moved the pieces around on the kitchen table and there it was. What a surprise… :-) The puzzle went with me most everywhere… Even through a “Billfold washing.” Then in 1965 while I was in Hawaii in the US Navy I gave my wife my billfold for safe keeping while we went swimming. She put it in her purse and set it on the back seat of the car. When we got back purse and all was gone… Goodbye puzzle… When I discovered these online I was ecstatic… Now there is one on the way to each of my two sons… In California… I hope they have the joy I had as a youngster. They’re a little older but it’s never to late to enjoy a great puzzle… :-) So I thank The Sam Loyd Company for providing this legacy for so many folks which probably don’t even know what a legacy is… :-)

“Many thanks for the Sam Loyd items. Sam Loyd was America’s greatest maker of puzzles, and his Get Off the Earth Puzzle was his finest puzzle to be sold as a paradox and to be used as an advertising premium. His trick donkeys ran as a close second.”

Sam Loyd’s “Get Off the Earth” puzzle conjures existential mystery from a rotating cardboard disk. Only a few puzzles can compare for originality, and this may well be the rarest. Puzzle fans can rejoice at this new version, faithful to Loyd’s concept and more finely crafted than the long-unobtainable originals.

The reproduction of Sam Loyd’s famous “Get Off the Earth” is a great tribute to both a wonderful puzzle and to a man who was outstanding in the areas of creativity, marketing, publicity, and business. This beautiful reproduction is just as mystifying and entertaining for users young and old as it was when first introduced more than a century ago.

“Introduced as many were to the puzzles of Sam Lloyd by Martin Gardner, I was thrilled to see these beautiful reproductions of puzzles I had only seen in black and white illustrations. I was pleased to be able to order copies for my father who introduced me to Martin Gardner and also show my kids who are growing up as third generation puzzlers.”

“These are some of the best puzzles created by the greatest puzzle-maker of the modern age. In particular, the “Get Off the Earth” puzzle has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and it’s great to have a replica of the original to spring on my friends. My wife and I—and our friends—have enjoyed these puzzles thoroughly. We look forward to future releases.”

I got the Get Off the Earth puzzles today and I think they are fantastic! Wonderful reproduction of this classic puzzle! I am so happy with them. The puzzles far exceeded my expectations.

This seller’s products are among the FINEST in the puzzle world!

Best quality Sam Loyd trick mules reproduction I’ve ever seen!

Item delivered fast and in great shape. Would gladly do business again.

Fast and friendly seller, item as described, no problem.

Wonderful item!! Perfect transaction! THE BEST!!!

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