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Protecting the work and legacy of Sam Loyd.

The Sam Loyd Company manufactures, retails and markets puzzles under the registered trademark Sam Loyd. The company is best known for its cardboard puzzles including the Trick Donkeys, Get Off the Earth Puzzle Mystery, The Pony Puzzle and Teddy and the Lion to name a few. The company can trace its roots back to 1868 when its namesake Sam Loyd, known during his lifetime as The Puzzle King published his first puzzle card The Pony Puzzle in 1868 which was said to have been inspired by the great white horse monument in the United Kingdom.

The Sam Loyd Company was founded on Sam Loyd’s principles and is responsible for promoting, educating, publishing, distributing and protecting Sam Loyd’s work and legacy. It is estimated that over 1billion copies of The Trick Donkeys also known as The Trick Mules have been distributed since it was first published in 1871 and over 20 million Get Off the Earth Puzzle Mystery cards since it was first published in 1896.

The Sam Loyd Company retails its puzzles through its website samloyd.com and a number of authorised retailers around the world. All work of The Sam Loyd Company has been copyrighted and is the legal owner of a number of registered trademarks including Sam Loyd, Get Off the Earth Puzzle Mystery, Trick Donkey and The Pony Puzzle. All items created by The Sam Loyd Company carry Sam Loyd’s signature. As Sam Loyd once said “People don’t care for my puzzles unless they can have them with my name on them”.

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