Take a trip to Puzzleland and join in the puzzling adventures of King Puzzlepate, Princess Enigma and Little Tommy Riddles.

Tommy Riddles is the royal page and a valuable member of the kingdom.

King Puzzlepate is the monarch of the Kingdom called Puzzleland.

Princess Enigma is the daughter of king Puzzlepate and not your average princess.

About Puzzleland

There is an enchanted place where every sign is a puzzle, every question a riddle, and you must guess everything you eat, this place is called Puzzleland. How do you get there and where is it? Well it’s a well kept secret but we are happy that Sam Loyd, not only was lucky enough to visit Puzzleland but reported back to us on their many adventures. The Puzzleland Kingdom is headed by King Puzzlepate who many say is a puzzle all on his own, there is his daughter Princess Enigma who is not only very beautiful but most highly educated and the court page Tommy Riddles, who they say you will all learn to love. There are also the many famous people who came along to Puzzleand to share their puzzles with the royal family ion the most famous puzzle kingdoms of all time.

The Story

For the benefit of the clever people who wish to sharpen their wits by mental gymnastics we here propose to recount the marvellous feats and adventures of numerous potentates and famous people like Don Quixote, Baron Munchausen, Gulilver, Sinbad, and even Robinson Crusoe and his man Friday, who battled in merry puzzle tournaments for among other things for the hand of fair Princess Enigma. Each puzzle is a journey through Puzzleland and and also an introduction to it’s many characters which we know you enjoy. There are also a number of other Puzzleland puzzles that need solving so join us for your very own Puzzleland adventure where you’re not only having fun but learning something along the way.

Puzzleland Puzzles

The subjects of Puzzleland face many problems during their day to day life. Some involve trade others everyday activities and so on. So here we have a few examples of how the people of Puzzleland go about their daily lives.

School Days

In the kingdom of Puzzleland every sign is a puzzle, every question a riddle, and you must guess everything you eat. Also every law is a conundrum and every command a riddle, so all of the subjects become bright and clever. These are learnt at an early age that’s why we want to show you just what children are learning in Puzzleland.

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