Get off the earth puzzle
Sam Loyd created an array of characters that included warriors, royalty and ponies.

Get Off the Earth is one of the most amazing puzzles ever created and is challenging today as it was back in 1896 when it was first created.Meet the warriors each with their own unique look and ability. Can you tell which one vanishes and then reappears before your eyes? Study their faces, postures, swords and pig-tails.

Take a look at the way I hold my sword

Check my posture

They don’t call me the dancing warrior for nothing

Beware of the sword

I can lift my sword over my head

On guard

Hi five

My moustache gives me strength

Sheer acrobat

Hi five

My moustache gives me strength

Watch my right hand

Swinging sword fighter

Now that you know the warriors are you ready to solve the puzzle? Click on “find the missing warrior” and enter their world. Move the cursor around till you find him and the puzzle will pop-up. Can you solve it?