Authentic Sam Loyd
“People don’t care for my puzzles unless they can have them with my name on them.”

Each product created by The Sam Loyd Company carries the “Sam Loyd Signature Label”*. This is your guarantee that the product you purchased is a genuine Sam Loyd article that has been created using the very best techniques, and materials faithful to the standards first set by Sam Loyd over a century ago. Each puzzle goes through a stringent 10 stage phase, before it is worthy enough to carry the Sam Loyd signature and made available to you throughout the world.

Following is a brief description of each stage and exactly what it takes to bring you what many consider the greatest puzzles in the world!

Stage 1

Using original artwork first created by Sam Loyd, each puzzle is painstakingly reproduced down to the minuet detail using both traditional and modern methods of graphic design. This lengthy process ensures that the puzzle you purchase is the same as it was when it was first designed over a century ago.

Stage 2

Once the artwork is completed and approved it is then cut and assembled by hand. It is tested to ensure that it works in the exact same manner as the original.

Stage 3

Using the original puzzle the next stage is to choose the colors. The process compares hundreds of colors against those of the original and then several are chosen. A number of puzzles are colored using the chosen colors and printed using the same techniques as those which will be used to print the final product. The samples are then compared to the original puzzle once again and then one is chosen.

Stage 4

The next important step is to source the right cardboard. Cardboard samples are delivered and each piece is put through a thorough process and once again compared against the original puzzle for color, texture and thickness. Several samples are chosen and then the finished artwork is printed on each sample. That which matches with the original puzzle is chosen.

Stage 5

Once the artwork, colors and cardboard have all been chosen, they are all then put together to create a working mock-up. This is compared to the original. Once we are satisfied the puzzle is perfect it is sent to the printers for proofing.

Stage 6

Samples of the rivets to be used in regards to the vanishing puzzles are delivered. Each rivet is checked for its quality, color and stability and then one is chosen.

Stage 7

Several proofs are made of each puzzle and the artwork and colors are once again thoroughly checked by our artists and production staff. Once they have all agreed, it is then sent for printing.

Stage 8

The printing process takes several days and then each puzzle is left to dry. They are then cut into their respective shape, assembled and riveted by hand.

Stage 9

Puzzles are then delivered to The Sam Loyd Company and checked individually to ensure they are in perfect working condition and have passed our stringent standards. Those that pass are sent off for the final stage.


Sam Loyd once said “People don’t care for my puzzles unless they can have them with my name on them”. That’s why each authentic Sam Loyd puzzle carries its creators name which is a registered trademark. Also we consider the last stage to be one of the most important. Those puzzles that have passed successfully through every stage of the process are then tagged with the “Sam Loyd Signature Label”. There are two versions of this label one blue and one white both depicting Sam Loyd’s signature. Our advertising puzzle cards also carry a Loyd watermark on the back. Loyd is also a registered trademark. These steps have been taken to guarantee that the product you are purchasing is not only of the highest quality but is true to the values of the world’s greatest puzzle creator Sam Loyd.

*The exceptions are our commemorative puzzles which carry the Sam Loyd registered trademark logo